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Weighing instruments in the agricultural sector

A large share of the agricultural products sold are based on weight. From the fruits and vegetables to the meat. So there is no doubt that weighing plays a crucial role in the current business operations of farmers. At the same time, weighing is an important part of new precision farming technologies that are used in agriculture.

Why is quality weighing important in the chemical industry?

First of all, it is important in the agricultural sector that the products (fruits, vegetables, meat) are accurately weighed so the farmer gets the right price for its product. The farmer needs to trust the weighing instrument used to make sure he gets the right price and therefore needs quality weighing instrument.  Secondly, the harsh conditions in agriculture make it critical that the weighing instruments are durable and can deal with for example the dust. Dedicated quality weighing instruments are designed for these work in these situations and don’t break down. Furthermore, with the current trends in precision farming it is key that the weighing instruments can be connected to the other agricultural machinery.

What are the innovations regarding weighing instruments in the agricultural sector?

The key development in agriculture is the further uptake of precision agricultural or smart agriculture. This means providing the right amount (of fertilizer or pesticides) at the right place at the right time to reduce input and increase output. Weighing plays an important role by ensuring the right amount is added, for example by weighing instruments incorporated in fertilizer spreaders. Weighing also plays a role in the analysis of data. When balers collect the hay, weighing instruments are used to monitor the weight of the hay in different parts of the field.