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Weighing instruments in retail
Retail stores such as grocery stores, specialty stores and butcheries are constantly weighing products to establish the right price for the product. Fair trade wouldn´t be possible without reliable weighing instruments in these shops. Not only for the products that are weighed at the spot such as meat or vegetables, but also for the countless products that are prepacked and sold based on weight.

Why is quality weighing important for the retail sector?
Quality weighing instrument are necessary to protect consumer rights and to guarantee the shop owner gets the right price for the product. Only with accurate and reliable scales that are well maintained this can be guaranteed. A small inaccuracy is unfair and annoying for customers buying a single product.However, for shops with hundreds of daily transactions based on weight a small inaccuracies can have big consequences. In the end it can mean the difference between profit and loss for a shop owner.

Moreover, quality weighing includes having a service provider that comes ensures a quick solution when a scale breaks down. For shops with a limited number of scales it will have an impact if one scale doesn’t work for a long time.

What are the innovations regarding weighing instruments in the retail sector?
There is a constant stream of new trends and ideas to change the customers experience in retail stores. Many of them come with new challenges and opportunities for weighing instruments. One example is the concept to remove all check outs from supermarkets. Customers pay for each product they purchase the moment they take it from the shelves including products that are weighed. To allow this development technical innovations need to be implemented including possible adjustments to weighing instruments to deal with the payments.
Additionally, there are changes on the business side of things. Weighing instruments are more and more part of the total supply chain system of retail stores. The weight of products sold can be communicated with the central order management system providing the opportunity to get an overview of the available stock within one click and order accordingly.

Weighing ensures you get the quantity you pay for