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Trust comes with the right partner

About the 'Weighing you can trust' campaign

What would a world look like if you cannot trust the weighing instruments you use? Certainly not the way we all know it. High-quality weighing instruments from the right partner that are accurate, reliable and durable are essential in many businesses and in our daily lives.

Scales are a fundamental part of medical and pharmaceutical research by even weighing the smallest ingredient, making it possible to develop advances medicines. Reliable weighing instruments are used to perform formulations in food production, so that our food always has the same taste. Furthermore, quality weighing instruments are also designed to keep working in tough conditions when weighing trucks or in machinery production. Moreover, it is not just the weighing instruments itself that make a difference, reliable partners within the weighing industry provide the service a business needs and give advice on integrating weighing instruments in the digital factory.

These are just a few examples of why quality weighing instruments and the right partner in weighing are important for the daily operations of many businesses. The ‘Weighing you can trust’ campaign will create awareness of the importance of different aspects of quality weighing in businesses and our daily lives.

The European weighing industry, represented by CECIP, is providing and maintaining the weighing instruments that allows the world to work as it is done now. Companies ranging from large manufacturers to small service providers are continuously working to enable research, improve productions processes and ensure fair trade, positively impacting daily lives all over Europe.